Introducing Dylan

I was away at a work conference last week. It was hosted at a ski resort in a mountain town and was, on the whole, a beautiful and engaging break from my usual #DeskLife. But about halfway through the trip, I realized I was desperately missing Dylan the Dog. There's nothing quite like the unconditional love of a pet! 

The Formal Bits

My formal academic life was carried out at Colorado State University. I recently completed a Master’s degree in the Rhetoric and Composition program. Here, I developed my digital communication skills. Rhetorical awareness of technological communication has allowed me to consider identity as it relates to language, literacy, and critical responses to culture.  This has further allowed me to engage with the many ways in which developing technologies can be used to empower traditionally marginalized groups.

My independent thesis work focused on transmedia storyscapes, particularly the use of social media platforms as a narrative device in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Transmedia stories exist on the edges of fiction and reality, blurring the lines between the two as fictional stories enter our lives in new ways. When stories extend beyond the fixed page, they become a part of our embodied lives and cannot be closed between the covers of print books. My thesis illustrates the ways in which digital literacies impact knowledge construction. I believe that the incorporation of transmedia texts into our traditional reading and writing practices will create more critical and contextual awareness at all stages of the composition process.

I currently work as a Course Developer with Colorado State University's Department of Continuing Education. This position has allowed me to access a generally unseen side of education. The construction of courses before they are delivered to students requires nuanced understanding of rhetorical concerns. The rhetorical needs of teachers and students are further changed in the online learning environment. My work in this position has enabled me to gain practical experience exploring my passion around the intersection of education and access in modern American culture.

I have also served as a Writing Consultant at CSU’s Writing Center. Here, I engaged in face-to-face and online writing consultations with students and community members. The Writing Center serves a diverse population including traditional students, international students, adult learners, and distance learners. As a Writing Consultant, I engaged with writers’ rhetorical positions and was able to continuously explore the dynamics between academic writing and language politics.

I enjoy running on Colorado’s mountain trails and blogging about feminism and social justice.